Leupold scopes VX-11

Leupold scopes VX-11
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Leupold vx-11 scopes are very popular among the shooting community, and for good reason.
The vx-11 line of scopes differ from the vx-1 leupold scopes in the following ways:

  • Multicoat 4 lens system (previously available only on vx-111 line of leupold scopes) for exceptional image clarity, brightness, resolution.
  • Lockable, fast-focus eyepiece
  • 1/4 minute "click" adjustments for greater precision
  • Power indicator (ie, no need to look at the scope to see what magnification its set at)
Leupold vx-11 scopes are available in the following models:

vx-11 1-4x20mm

Do you hunt dangerous game or in thick timber? This leupold vx-11 scope is supreme under such conditions.

vx-11 2-7x33mm

Everything that was said for the vx-1 2-7x33 is true for the vx-11 2-7x33. The key difference, however, is the multicoat 4 lens system that provides an incredibly clear, bright image to the scope user.

vx-11 3-9x40mm

Want a leupold scope that does it all? This is the one. With superb multicoat 4 lens system, this scope is suited to a variety of shooting/hunting conditions. If you need one Leupold scope to do it all, this vx-11 model is it.

vx-11 3-9x50mm

If you shoot under moonlight conditions, during twilight hours or just on dawn (where permitted by law), this vx-11 leupold scope is made for the job. The large 50mm objective lens and superior multicoat 4 lens system provides exceptionally clear, bright images.

vx-11 4-12x40mm Adj. Obj

Long range shooting at mule deer and pronghorn deer is made easy with this vx-11 leupold scope.

vx-11 4-12x50mm

What applies to the vx-11 3-9x50 is true for this leupold scope too.

vx-11 6-18x40mm Adj. Obj

When extremely long shots present themselves, this Leupold scope shines through. Its ideal for accurate shots at small targets at very long ranges. Three reticle types are available in this model: fine duplex, target dot, wide duplex.

Expect to pay anywhere between $250 - $400 retail price for vx-11 leupold scopes. At that price its still a bargain when you consider the enjoyment that comes from using such fine scopes.
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