Leupold Tactical scopes

Leupold Tactical scopes
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Leupold tactical scopes are designed specifically for law enforcement and military professionals.
Tactical scopes are developed/refined with input from experienced law enforcement and military officers. This is another reason why leupold make some of the best tactical scopes money can buy.
Whether its close quarter shooting or long range sniping, leupold have a tactical scope to suit. For example, take leupolds Mark 4 long range/tactical rifle scope line. Every scope comes with the leupold Illuminated MilDot reticle. This can also be used as a rangefinder too. In low-light conditions, nothing beats a leupold Illuminated reticle. Why? Because they allow fast target acquisition and shot placement. Also, the brightest reticle setting does not overpower the target or affect low-light vision.
All Mark 4 leupold tactical scopes have finger adjustable windage and elevation dials. The dials are easy to grip, no matter the conditions.
Leupold tactical scopes feature side focus parallax resolution dial. This is important for a tactical scope because it means the shooter can remain in position, and eliminate parallax quickly.

Leupold tactical scopes come finished in full black tactical matte for maximum concealment (once again, this is important for a tactical scope).

Last, but not least, all Mark 4 leupold tactical scopes come with Butler Creek flip-open lens. These lens protect the scope from dirt and other foreign matter.

Leupold tactical scopes are designed from the ground up to do a specific job (thats why there are dozens of different models). One thing is certain, you won't go wrong by choosing leupold!
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