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Burris scopes feature optics found only in premium rifle scopes. They start with high quality glass and then grind/polish to perfection - not exactly cheap but this makes burris scopes special.
Burris then apply their special multi-coating to the lens system, resulting in a clear and bright picture whenever you look through Burris scopes (99.5% light transmission per lens surface - you simply cannot get better than this!).

Burris scopes are built to withstand both recoil and other abusive forces. Burris make scope tubes stronger than most other manufacturers.
All burris scopes have positive, repeatable adjustment dials - with audible clicks.

Burris also incorporate specially made seals to eliminate any leakage. As a matter of fact, every Burris scope is filled with nitrogen, then purged and refilled again - this process is repeated 24 times to eliminate moisture - now that's dedication!

All burris scopes are individually waterproof and fogproof tested and warranted forever.

An innovation from burris scopes is Posi-Lok®. Once your rifle/handgun is sighted-in and you are satisfied with its zero, you can lock-in your zero forever with Posi-Lock®.
Some burris scopes feature LRS (lighted reticle scopes). This is a bright pinpoint (like a laser dot) in the centre of the reticle. This dot can be seen under any lighting conditions.
Burris scopes go one step further with the LRS fast plex™. The middle part of the reticle is lit up in red color (not just a dot), helping you quickly establish point of aim. I like this feature on burris scopes.

In conclusion, Burris scopes are simply outstanding rifle scopes and are priced reasonably too.
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