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Leupold scopes
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Leupold scopes are superb rifle scopes!

Leupold scopes come first to my mind whenever I'm looking for a scope to buy for a new/used rifle. Why? Because I believe Leupold scopes offer the best value/optical quality for your money.
Leupold rifle scopes compare favorably with rifle scopes costing 2-3 times more.
The leupold vx-1 line of scopes is the perfect blend of optical quality, size and weight for the once a year deer slayer - and at a price that is affordable!

Next in the line of leupold rifle scopes is the vx-11 family. For only $100 - $200 extra, you can buy a leupold rifle scope that has one of the best optics available (multicoat 4 lens system).
Leupold also make a compact model, for shotguns and short-action rifles like the Kimber 84M and Winchester Model 70 Featherweight.

There are special leupold rifle scopes available for rimfire rifles too.
Leupold make rifle scopes for shooters/hunters and its a job they do very well. I've used leupold scopes for years without fail, and I'd recommend them to anyone in the market for a rifle scope that won't fail them.
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