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Leupold Compact Scopes are reliable rifle scopes

Leupold compact scopes are an excellent choice for short-action rifles like the new 223 WSSM and 300 WSM family because they complement the compact nature of these rifle actions.
Leupold compact scopes are a perfect match for rifles like the Kimber 84M, Winchester Model 70 Compact and Remington Model 7. Compact scopes can be mounted close to the action in low height rings. This is ideal for a hunting rifle because it prevents you from raising your cheek off the comb of the rifle stock when taking aim - allowing for fast, accurate shooting every time.
There are 6 leupold compact scopes to choose from:

M8 - 2.5x20mm

Compact scope designed for shotgun, turkey/deer hunting. Ideal for thick brush or timber hunting.

M8 - 4x28mm Compact RF Special

This compact scope is specifically designed for rimfire shooting.

Vari-X 2-7x28mm Compact

This is the lightest compact scope you'll ever find! Vari-X 3-9x33mm Compact

Of all leupold compact scopes, this one is my favorite. This scope, although small, has served me well for all my game hunting and pest control shooting.

Vari-X 3-9x33mm EFR Compact

The adjustable objective on this compact scope makes it ideal for air rifle and other short range shooting.

VX-11 Shotgun/Muzzleloader Scopes

As the name suggests, these compact scopes from leupold are engineered for the Shotgun/Muzzleloader enthusiast.
I have been using a 3-9x33mm compact on my Winchester Model 70 Featherweight for more than 8 years, and it has never let me down. It stays zeroed despite some accidental falls and striked exactly where I aim no matter the magnification.
In conclusion, Leupold compact scopes are exceptional rifle scopes. A worthwhile investment for a lifetime of hassle-free shooting.
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